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Better Pics = Better Chicks! That's how the client thinks!

Studio located in downtown Saint Petersburg 407 443 2275 (cell or text)

Packages start at only $75 for studio shooting and up! (Trades can be worked out if you cannot afford to pay in cash)

SPECIAL! Free professional website page included with shoot! No monthly fee or any other charges incurred!

Call or email me for more details


Ok... So you're hot & sexy and awesome at what you do..... HOWEVER!.... Are the pics you're using as good as these to bring in more calls and $?

Click the thumbnail images to open them up in the full display size for your ad! Also put your mouse over the pic and if there is a + click your mouse button.

More images below the information....

Think about it for a minute. What's your biggest challenge when trying to snare a new client? To separate yourself from all the other 100+ girls out there who have also placed ads right? Well let me help you do that! Amazing images will get the results you need!

The thing a potential client sees 1st is your photos right? THEN they skim thru what you wrote in your Ad (Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah Blah!) and then they go back to the pics. I know! I'm a guy! Why not grab their attention with the sexiest representation of you possible? That's what I can provide for you. Grab them by the brain where their blood is at the moment and then their wallet! Your bookings WILL increase and you can be choosier about the clientele you see. You WILL SET YOURSELF ABOVE THE REST! Isn't that what's most important? Especially right now in this shitty economy. We both know your sales are down. Let's change that!

Now I know you have heard the old "Is that really you in the pics? You look to good to be real!" I have a simple solution to overcome that as well. The girls I shoot with don't have issues with that and you won't either. Only figuring out how to fit in all the requests you receive will be your problem. Below are a few select Ads running right now with my images! Ask them if they have that challenge and if it takes away from their bookings! (lol)


Escort Agencies I shoot for...

Gold Club Florida


Some Current Ads running right now! (As of 02/09/2011)

On ...

Jada Stone
Jade Jordan 
Gold Club Escorts

 On : ...

Jenna Divyne 


On : ...

Images on Their Personal Websites: ... (Not my web design)

Jenna Divyne 
Jade Jordan


This isn't Rocket Science! It's really simple! Guys want HOT chicks! The hotter you are the more of a commodity you are!


Ok.... So a little about me

I am a professional published freelance Photographer based in downtown Saint Petersburg Florida that shoots primarily high end glamour and nude photography. This is a 100% legit offer! I have 500 or so references for you if you need them.

I have a studio with professional strobe lighting, softboxes, seamless paper backdrops etc. set up right here in my residence and shoot on location in downtown St Pete as well as the Gulf beaches. I will provide you a disk with all the images from the shoot as well as professionally touched up edits of your choosing. I can remove stretch marks, scars and imperfections, tattoos, make you look younger, thinner and even more beautiful or just a simple edit and blur your face out etc. That's all up to you and what you want for the finished product. I let you sit right here as I edit them for you after the shoot.

I have been published on the cover of a book, centerfold of a magazine as well as a few other times in magazines and a few ads. I have shot with close to 500 professional and amateur Models (mostly thru Model Mayhem) as well as a few Models that are also Escorts and they mentioned I should contact you girls. Since then I have been helping Escorts book more paying work. You can see a list of Models I have worked with under my references tab above. If you are one of those Models please know that discretion is a given and you have no need to worry about anything being said as to your services as an Escort. You have complete anonymity.

I also dabble in web design and do my own websites as well as being a Fetish Producer shooting High Definition video so I can accommodate all your needs.

Contact me via email at  or cell at 407 443 2275 (Remember I am in downtown St Pete)


This 1st group are from shooting for an Escort Agency on location at a hotel and and the beach. (Inquire about location rates)

Click the thumbnail images to open them up


Below here are some edited studio images from shoots with Escorts for their Ad's. Unless you are offering an in-call option and want to showcase the ambiance of surroundings they can expect, I recommend a simple background as what should be the total focal point of the viewer is YOU and not a busy background that distracts their eyes away from what's really important. YOU! Notice how the subject pops out at you?


Rachel's' selected and edited images

Valerie's selected and edited images

Jada Stone's selected and edited images

Summer's selected and edited images

Brooke's selected and edited images


Layla's selected and edited images

Samantha's selected and edited images





What are you looking for?

Below are example images from my mainstream shooting with professional Models

Click the thumbnail images to open them up

Studio Nudes?

Beach and Sunset?







I also dabble in web design and do my own websites as well as being a Fetish Producer shooting High Definition video so I can accommodate all your needs.


Click the links below for depictions of the different genre's in my port I typically shoot

Check out Deivi! I am still editing a ton of pics from her trip here




Lifestyle & Casual

Head Shots


Body Painting


Tear Sheets

Contact me via email at or cell at 407 443 2275 (Remember I am in downtown St Pete)

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